VanDriesen Audio Clips

Well I see your eager to get started

OK let’s see

Perhaps I’ll start

May I have your attention people

Thank you

That was cathartic

Come on guys


Please sit down

Very funny guys

Ooooooooh aaaaaaaaaw

People you are my reward

Is anyone paying attention out there?

Try not to see it as work, see it as play OK

Mmmm not bad

Mmmmm K

Come on, take your seat


Thanks for your cooperation people

They say great art is difficult to understand

Thank you

I’m super impressed

Please leave me alone

Very funny guys

OK now

Come on

Self-esteem and motivation people are keys to success in life.

What a nice surprise

Well I see you’re eager to get started

Take that you fascist

Mmmm that’s strange

Uuuuuh huuuuh

Were not off to a very good start


What, I don’t understand

Mmmm not bad

Oh what, no it can’t be

Stop it

Mmmm that’s strange

Sorry guys

No it can’t be

Oh my God, how did it happen?

Oh my God

Come on guys

I’m gonna close my eyes

What a nice surprise

And in closing I’d just like to say bravo