Tom Audio Clips


Good enough then

Ah, just a second boys

Hello speakin

Well I guess I could do it

OK boys

You know back when I was in the service

Back in my day you couldn’t ask for no hand outs

Comprende amigo

Well that’s some tough luck

Come on boys

Fraid that ain’t gonna get you there boy

I felt like a one legged cat

Damn it boy, what in the hells your problem

You can lead a jackass to water but you can’t make him drink.

Well alright then

You’re the man

Boy I tell you what

All right

Well ya don’t say

Damn it

You damn ungrateful bastard

You son of a bitch

Get the hell outta here you damn son of a bitches

Hell I’m completely outta balls

Say what

Good enough then

What in the hell

Well now hold on a minute

Damn it

What in the hell

Ahhhhh damn it, damn it, damn it

Hello can I get some help here

Well damn it

Say what

Hell now you can stop right there fella

What in the hell

Ahhhhh damn it

What in the hell damn it

Well I know I’m startin to sound like a broken record

Damn it, I could of sworn it landed somewhere around here

Well I’m damn near outta balls

Come on now Dusty while we’re young

Good enough then, lets get busy boys

Well I’d like to thank ya’ll for kindly coming over