Butthead Audio Clips

Uha ha ha ha ha

Yea, morning wood

This is gonna be cool

I just cut the cheese

OK dude you ready?

Hey baby

Watch the master

I rule

You dumbass

What’s your problem dumbass?

You dork

Quit screwing around

Yea whatever buttmunch

Whatever dumbass

Blah blah blah blah I’m a dumbass

Your balls are filthy, go to the ball washer now

Today you are a man

This dude is definitely cool

That’s better dillhole

These are the coolest dudes I’ve ever met

I rule

Uh, OK

That was cool

I’ll kick your ass

Could you like shut up

Uh, shut up

You never scored and you never will score

We have a winner

Life just keeps getting better

Whoa, did you see that?

This day just keeps getting better

Come to Butthead

This is starting to piss me off

I’m a dumbass

This sucks

Here’s a cool game

That sucked

What are you doing?

Almost there dude

I meant to do that

Hey, slow down

Uhhhhh, wait a minute

Dammit this is taking too long

Uh oh

I can’t get out, I’m like stuck

Monkey spank

That was cool

What’s taking you so damn long

OK get ready dude

Cool, I win again