Beavis Audio Clips

My turn


Here we go


I feel pretty good right about now

No way it’s my turn


Always bet on black

It’s not fair, we’re not gonna score

Damn it, I wanna score

TP for my bunghole

Here I sit same as ever

Quit screwing around

Choke, yea choke, choke

Now what the hell are you doing fartknocker

Whacha do that for

I hereby charge you with being small and worthless

Shut your cakehole

Boy you’re pretty good at this game

Yea, stroke it

Damn you’re smooth

Yea, yea, yea, go for it

I’m just glad it’s finally over

Yea that dude is pretty cool

Um, you got a real pretty mouth on you

My uncle told me that one time

I’m gonna kick your ass right now, son of a bitch

Shut up asswipe you’re a dork

But at least I have a big shlong

Kick you in the nads


Yes, yes



Oooooh baby

I hate this stupid game

Yea, make it

Damn it

They make this too hard


Ahh, ahh, ahh

Come on

Eeeeh, aaah, aaah

Sit boy, sit sit sit sit or I’ll kick your ass

Naaaah stop

Hey hey hey no aaaah

Damn son of a bitch

Nooooo oh

Yea, go get it

Oooh oooh aaah ooou

You’re taking your sweat ass time pittling around and I’m sick of it